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The Rebel Mystic Community is a private group for individuals seeking support and structure s they navigate their Magickal journey. Join Leandra Witchwood as we traverse the Shadowlands, ignite our magickal fires, and learn to integrate our mystical journey into everyday life.
 This is a safe place to express yourself as you make discoveries and learn to heal, balance, and grow. I encourage you to share your deep thoughts and experiences as you engage, uplift, and support the members of this group. I aim to provide tools and knowledge you can utilize on your powerful journey toward clarity and sovereignty.
 With your Mystic Level Membership, you’ll get curated content such as:
✌🏽 Support on your healing journey 
✌🏼 A better understanding of various Magickal & Esoteric modalities, practices, and fundamentals
🕯 Opportunities to engage with other witches on a similar journey.
🌀 Learn to connect with spirit guides, ancestors, and deities
 📖 Live readings from various sources, including Leandra’s books 
 🔮 Group Oracle Card Readings
 🎤 Live Q&A sessions and discussions
 ✍🏻 Journal Prompts, BOS pages & Correspondences
 🧘🏼‍♀️ Guided Meditations
 📦 Monthly ritual boxes filled with handmade treasures corresponding with our monthly LIVE rituals
 📚Access to my course library!
 Let’s talk more about that ritual box! Your Mystic box is filled with handmade products from my shop. We will use the items from in box during our monthly rituals as we engage in magickal practices and deepen our communal bonds. 
 I am Leandra, an author, Witch, podcaster, and business owner. I have spent over 25 years learning about Magick, shadow work, and working with esoteric knowledge. Thank you for joining me in this community as we uncover our hidden strengths. 
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